As a kid in Oakland, John Reid learned about the power of product by how people would (literally) kill for a pair of Air Jordans. In college at Old Dominion, Lindsay Fultz saw how millions of people could be moved by a single marketing message. And during thirty years of consumer psychology, Rob Reiher created some of the most successful products, characters and campaigns the world has ever seen.


As fate would have it, the three would cross paths in Los Angeles in 2012. A mutual friend would introduce John and Lindsay. A consumer psychology class would unite John and Rob. And all three met during a crossroad in their careers: they all wanted to work at the highest professional level but also for the greatest human good. They had all experienced success by mainstream standards; all three had worked on products and campaigns that were commercially successful. But they were all unsatisfied with the meaninglessness of mindless consumerism and now wanted to use the power of product and promotion to create a new, healthy, and sustainable reality.


With a desire to enrich brands and their customers, the three created a new way to combine product, promotion, and a deeper understanding of people.


John Reid

With a degree in Communication from the University of Southern California, 10 years of agency experience in digital (web and mobile) design and development, and after studying product design with instructors from Art Center College of Design, John Reid stands at the intersection of people, product, and promotion.

While building a portfolio consisting of projects for companies like Nike, the NFL, the NBA, and for brands like Jill Scott and Jay’Z’s Artful Dodger, John saw the power that successfully integrated products had on consumers and the world.  Such power should not be taken for granted, and after identifying the “Elevation Economy” and it’s demand for enriching products and entertainment, John decided to launch SKY – the first “Elevated Design” studio.


Rob Reiher, PH.D.

From a background of over 30 years of product and program development experience, Dr. Reiher has integrated developmental psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, consciousness research, and personal development into a strategic and practical framework for the undersanding and elevation of contemporary products and programs in today’s accelerated and rapidly changing consumer marketplace. 

Rob brings a broad combination of training and experience from the fields of business, communication, education, media, entertainment and psychology.  He has been actively involved as a researcher, speaker and product and program development consultant.(  In the past, Robert has also served as an adjunct professor of Consumer Psychology at Woodbury University in Burbank  California, Sober College in Woodland Hills California,  and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.   

Robert has co-authored two books, What Kids Buy Why and Kidnapped: How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children with Daniel Acuff Ph.D.  Reiher and Acuff discuss the developmental parameters for creating enriching entertainment and media along with how parents can determine and evaluate positive consumer products for their children. 

Robert is currently completing a new book called the Challenge of Choice, focused on the rapidly changing circles of influence in contemporary society and how these powerful forces are effecting how our children think, feel, communicate, act and “choose” their future. 


Lindsay Fultz

As a leader in digital strategy and influencer marketing for companies like theAmplify, Chideo, SnapMyAd and LoveIt, Lindsay stays on the leading edge of digital communication and relationship-building.  In 2011, Lindsay was named Social Media’s Rising Star in the Events Industry by Event Solutions Magazine and One of the Top 42 Most Passionate Business Women on Twitter by the Huffington Post.

★ Event Solutions Advisory Board 2014-2016
★ Named Social Media’s Rising Star in the Events Industry by Event Solutions Magazine. Featured in Aug/Sept 2011 Edition. 
★ Named one of the top 42 Most Passionate Business Women on Twitter – Huffington Post, TwitterPowerHouses Series: “Passionistas” 2011

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