The NEW Noise

– The NEW Noise –

We’ve now become deeply “immersed” in a relatively new cultural phenomenon. And although many of our most forward thinkers predicted it’s coming, the realization that it’s actually here and thriving, has “jarred” many of us, creating a sense of disbelief and disequilibrium. The Culture of Noise has arrived, with it’s increasing acceptance and legitimizing of dis-powerment.  


Noise, as defined here, is the accelerating influx of dis-powering informationthat dis-torts our perceptions, dis-rupts our balance, dis-orients our time, dis-tracts us from our potential, dis-respects our deeper human qualities, and dis-connects us from authentic relationships.  Although many older forms of “noise” have been around forever, the new noise is far more perverse, recruiting contemporary “mind stylists” with skills and experience in manipulating leading edge technologies and new forms of media, to create seductive strategies for communicating dis-information and mis-information.  Both of these distortions, trading facts for fiction, have now become acceptable mainstream alternatives for knowledge and wisdom.  


The implications of legitimizing “noise” in both the world of business and in our personal lives is a “staggering” shift in societal values. For when the foundations of knowledge and wisdom are eroded, the “anything goes” perspective is created instead, in ways that undermine the understanding and use of sound human development principles. Along with this undoing, the necessary foundations for creating positive products and programs to support and elevate higher levels of consciousness for today’s consumers, are also eliminated. Instead of evolutionary progress, the Culture of Noise creates  “quick fix” solutions that are both deceptive and ineffective for today’s complex business and behavioral problems. 


With the forthcoming new year in mind, there is no room for either business or personal “short cuts”.  We have reached a point in our culture where there is far too much at stake, from environmental issues to racial conflict and terrorism. The only “real” solutions today are business and personal developmental principles, rooted in both research and science. This is the more difficult and dedicated path, but vital for a higher and more integral business perspective, and vital for the future of the planet.


Rob Reiher, Ph.D.  

Founder / President: FutureWise Inc.