STEP #3: Elevating Your Consumer, Product and Brand (HOW?)


The final process in the MIE strategy is to elevate your consumer, your product and your brand to a new and more powerful level.  If the proper analysis and groundwork has taken place, elevating the customer creates a “win-win-win” scenario between the consumer, the product, and the brand.  When you elevate, the product provides a better solution that addresses the individual’s “problem,” overcomes their caution and distrust, and enhances their engagement with the product.  Elevating is a process designed to serve the best interest of the product, consumer and the brand.  This final stage of MIE creates movement and action toward something more beneficial, influential and enduring within the competitive mix of products.

Summarizing the MIE Method

In summary, the MIE method addresses the following three key questions:


WHO is my customer from an in-depth diversified perspective within a rapidly-changing and accelerating competitive context?


WHAT are the multiple and important product attributes that translate into the strongest match with the changing target market while expanding and translating the features and benefits into a highly-engaging emotional promise and emotional payoff for the consumer?


HOW are the correct communication methods and strategies designed to translate the MIRROR and INTEGRATE elements into a “win-win-win” experience for the customer, the product and the brand?