Apple's Unusual Brand Ambassador - We Are Sky
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Apple’s Unusual Brand Ambassador

With the recent emotional climate, connection is something that has been a hard thing to find.  Yet Apple leverages the basic human need of connection in a time where tolerance and acceptance are noticeably absent from much of our current media.   Apple’s commercial paints a picture of bringing us all together, setting the product aside and shifting the focusing to something more desirable than tech. Regardless of the current climate of clashing personal opinions, the ad takes advangtage of our collective openness that usually takes shape during the holidays.

But companies that create great ads know that this opportunity exists year round.  It is easy advertisers to get excited about the technology or features of our products or services. But we often forget that not only do our customers want the shiny toy, but also meaning. Understanding that longing is helpful.  Creating products that help them get to that meaning is true relevance.   Apple has used their product, their shiny toy, as a means to an end, the driver.

As you look forward to your campaigns of the new year, consider understanding your audience beyond trends and demographics.  Understand what really drives them and then offer something to help them along their journey.