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This is Psychological Brand Design.

SKY is a Psychological Brand Design studio specializing in translating contemporary consumer psychology research into product and brand development, elevated consumer engagement, and meaningful brand-to-customer relationships.

Our Approach:

The Elevated Edge.

The days of pushing products and marketing campaigns onto consumers are over.  As media and technology immerse consumers, as time famine increases, as choices become unlimited, and as individuals want personalization, consumer expectations rise and brands struggle to keep up.


You must mirror your consumer.

You must integrate the product with the consumer.

You must elevate your consumer.

Our Capabilities:

The right ideas come from the right combination.


Consumer Needs / Wants

Distinguishing and integrating basic, stabilized consumer needs, with rapidly changing consumer wants.

Buyer’s Internal Dialog

Understanding and interpreting changing customer thinking patterns.

Consumer Developmental Gradient

Mirroring youth and adult life stages as applied to changing purchasing priorities.

  • Other Factors:

    • Psychographics
    • Demographics
    • Values & Beliefs
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Lifestyle
    • Age, Stage, Style
    • Urgent Pain
    • Key Frustration
    • Searching / Buying Channels


Product / Service Leverage Hierarchy

Analyzing multiple product leverage dimensions to match and support individual consumer differences.

Consumer Circles of Influence

Monitoring universal and local trending as applied to accelerated changes in consumer behavior and buying patterns.

Pre/Post Effect Check

Establishing and monitoring major success criteria for products, programs and brands.

  • Other Factors:

    • Competition
    • New Tools / New Rules
    • Product Features
    • Product Benefits
    • Emotional Promise
    • Emotional Payoff
    • Proof of Concept/Trust
    • Value Proposition
    • Value Levers
    • Service Added Value
    • Ancillary Product Lines


Elevated Marketing Strategy

Combining and integrating both mirroring and integration information toward the applied development of a strategic marketing strategy.

Monetization Potential

Discovery of new monetary streams based on uncovering and matching product viability dimensions with individualized consumer needs and wants.

Elevated Consumer Benefits

Raising the level of consumer-brand satisfaction through the integration of positive product and services attributes.

  • Other Factors:

    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Brand Strategy
    • Digital Strategy
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Communication Mediums
    • Communication Story
    • Marketing Messaging
    • Brand / Product Positioning
    • Design Language
    • Promotion
    • Distribution

Our Focus:

The New “Elevation Economy”

Because of the changes of technology and time, consumers now work differently too.  They are much more aware and expect more from the brands they buy from.  This “shift” in values has been difficult for most companies to keep up with.  The shift has changed the ways that brands make their products, understand and connect with their customers, and tell their story.  Few companies have truly elevated to meet their customers new found sense of purpose and responsibility, and even fewer companies are working to elevate and enrich the lives of the audiences that depend on them. However, some brands are beginning to understand that the relationship between company and customer can be mutually rewarding, and this trend will continue to develop as our new “elevation economy” grows.

Ready to work with us?

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